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We are just  “car guys” and really understand the perplexities facing dealers and managers these days. Do you really want to deal with the newspaper… to them, an ad is an ad, is an ad is an ad, they don’t know how to drive traffic to your store, and really don’t care. Just pay them, your ad is in the paper, and then you wait… and wait… we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry and in many cases we will increase your advertising exposure while actually lowering your advertising budget. We don’t have expansive overhead or a  numerous employees. More importantly we believe in outstanding customer service that is second to none. Ask any of our dealers, we are in their stores, (no matter what state) personally, every month, putting together that month’s marketing. We really an extension of your current staff!

We have a strong track record in generating proven results for our clients, meaning SALES GROWTH and INCREASED PROFITS. While many dealerships have struggled over the past few years, our clients have enjoyed sustained growth and profitability. If your current marketing isn’t generating the traffic you need for growth then you NEED to strongly consider working with  us. With 20 plus years in dealerships, with ideas that have seen one dealer go to #1 overall in their state, another one increase their sales volume 40% and net profit 340% (real profit… yup, very happy owner). Another of one of our clients increased their sales 117% in THE FIRST MONTH, and then stabilize to a still important 41% over a 6 month period. We could go on… but that would require more reading, just call or email me. Take a look at our services an examples of our work.

Our full-service advertising solutions incorporate a multi-media approach and quite frankly, will get the job done! We have helped dealers from coast to coast drive more traffic to their stores for over a decade now.

Call today for a free one-on-one consultation, to request samples or for more information.


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